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We have operated in the world of finance for the past 20 years.

We believe in fair and respectful financial practices, dictated by accuracy and sustainability. Our high profile marketing research and studies target the areas of economy and finance and aim at translating results into tangible actions.

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The fragile and reckless lives of art

WeWealth | July 2020 Recent antiracism protests in the United States, Great Britain and elsewhere saw the toppling of statues representing figures that may offend political, ethnic or religious sensibilities. Statues of Christopher Columbus – guilty, according to some interpretations, of having paved the way

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Private clients like real economy

AP Advisor Private | July 2020 34% of them are active entrepreneurs; 22% owe their fortune to the family business, of which they own a share; 16% have sold their business, while the remaining 28% have made a fortune out of their career. On balance,

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For a good economy

There is a kind of finance which goes short on listed companies and that is commonly described as speculative; its motto is mors tua vita mea. There is, however, another kind of finance which invests in companies adopting a medium-long term sustainable strategy.


On focus News from Finer Finance Explorer

Fill Rouge

The awareness of the past helps us to better understand the present and find our way to the future.

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