Our Vision

We believe in fair financial practices, respectful of people, accurate and sustainable, with a strong focus on the cultural implications of finance and its impact on society.

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Numbers are the basis of everything as are money and finance; but they would be useless without specific applications in real economy and a contextual analysis of the cultural history of financial economy.

Finer focuses on the research and analysis of the trends and tensions which define the world of today’s finance. Our vision articulates the framework of our research and guides every aspect of our activity. It inspires the steps and the actions necessary to foster growth and innovation in the worlds of finance, economy and culture.

We trust in the potential of an innovative approach which combines economy and culture, profit and sustainability; we believe that the contemporary actors and models of finance are rooted in the traditional territories of economic thought from the enlightenment onwards and owe a lot to great thinkers of ‘wealth’ and prosperity who have inspired its evolution.

We study the financial and economic markets, with the conviction that the understanding of the past is an essential tool to grasp the present and envision the future. And we are seriously committed to interrogating the many ways in which finance interacts with the worlds of culture, art and thought.

Our customers are the assets of our company. Over 80 Private Banks, Bank Groups, networks of Financial Advisors and Asset Management Companies who rely on Finer are leaders in the fields of Financial Advisory, Private Banking and Asset Management.

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