Our Vision

“We believe in fair financial practices, respectful of people, accurate, sustainable.”

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Numbers are the basis of everything as are money and finance; but they would be useless without specific applications in real economy and a contextual analysis of the cultural history of financial economy.

Numbers are the basis of everything. The same is true of money and finance. However, they are useless and inert unless employed in real economy and analysed within the context of economic history and culture.  

Our vision articulates the framework of our research and guides our activity in all its forms. It inspires the steps and the actions necessary to foster growth and innovation in the financial and  economic world, in the light of culture and history.  

We trust in the potential of an innovative approach which combines economy and culture, money and history; we believe that the contemporary actors and models of finance  are rooted in the past territories  of economic thought from the age of Enlightenment onwards and in the great thinkers of wealth who have guided its evolution.  

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