Il Sole 24 Ore | October 2022

On Il Sole 24 Ore on newsstands today 8 October an article by Antonio Criscione starting from the research carried out for EFPA Italia by FINER Finance Explorer.
Does metaverse as a “non-place” of the future for financial consultancy? A clear answer: not today and not for everyone. More possible are the 40-year-olds both among customers and among financial consultants. But like any innovation must be ridden and not suffered, 200 million users a day on Microsoft Teams that has already landed in the metarverse with vortex suggest continuous attention, many of the innovations that have imposed themselves (from the car to mobile phones) at the beginning have aroused skepticism and smiles … then we know how it went. History teaches but does not have many schoolchildren.

Nicola Ronchetti