Finer ® Insurance Explorer

Annual monitoring of insurance stakeholder

The economic and social importance of the themes linked to protection draws to our attention the figures of the agent, sub-agent, insurance producer and broker. Every year, we interview a significant sample of the 300.000+ professionals – top managers, sales managers, inspectors, insurance agents and sub-agents, as well as their clients (corporate and private).


Finer ® Fund Selector Explorer

Annual monitoring of Italian fund selectors

Every year we interview a significant sample of fund selectors chosen from among the over 600 most influential ‘gatekeepers’ in Italy operating in banks, networks of financial advisors, asset management companies, pension funds, provident funds and insurance companies.


Finer ® Finance Mirror

Annual monitoring of Italian end investors

Every year, we interview a sample representation of over 30 million savers in Italy, who invest or have invested their savings, who subscribe insurance policies or might do so. The interviewees are segmented on the basis of their assets, of their age, generation and personal attitudes.


Finer ® Bank Manager Explorer

Annual monitoring of bank managers

Every year, we interview a sample representation of the over 100.000 professionals working with affluent customers. They are, numerically and qualitatively, the most significant segment of the population who interacts with banking services (over two million Italians) holding a large percentage of the over 1.400 billion euros deposited on bank accounts.


Finer ® Private Bank Explorer

Annual monitoring of private bankers

Every year we interview a significant sample of over 10.000 Italian private bankers among those managing over 800 billions AUM. Private clients are certainly the most demanding and the private banker acts as a pivot in the management of such important assets.


Finer ® TOP CF Explorer

Annual monitoring of top financial advisors

Every year we interview a significant sample of Top or Private Financial Advisors amounting to about 2.500 Top or Private Financial Advisors, equal to 10% of Italian FAs with an active mandate managing 30% of AUM (over 170 billion euros).


Finer ® CF Explorer

Annual monitoring of financial advisors

For nearly twenty years, we have interviewed daily a significant sample of over 25.000 financial advisors with an active mandate, managing 600 billion euros in Italy and providing for over four million clients.


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